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A pretty canvas that centralizes all our research and therefore our impressions, today's internet is becoming the central channel for all effective communication. Everything is won and lost in an instant.

Impressions are made quickly and ruthlessly!

It is therefore imperative to position yourself as close as possible to what you really are before others take care of it for you. Reclaiming your image is imperative. Specifying your approach is a necessity.

Even if a site in its name is less relevant than it used to be - social networks oblige - it remains an excellent way to really stand out in the current fray.

It affirms a more worked and chosen identity, it refines its speech and it reinforces people previously interested

by a project, an idea.

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At Studio 55 , the first thing we suggest you do is think about your image and your message,

so that there is a coherent deployment of who you are through existing tools.

Ask the right questions, to get useful answers:

- have you worked on your image? What would you like her to say about you?

- do the existing images of you on the web suit you?

- do you adapt your content to the style of the platforms?

- are you well referenced? Do you have a YouTube channel?

Capture d’écran 2020-11-02 à 16.29.49.

example of a homepage for the YouTube channel of doctor Perrault de Jotemps. Channel and content, were set up by Studio 55 and .tof

Once this step is over, the second action to take is to produce one or more contents in accordance with the message and the medium. Pinterest or Instagram are more visually oriented for example....

Photos, texts, videos, logos must therefore be created with a guideline.

All of this can be produced at Studio 55 by following this master idea:

a single interlocutor to decline all the content validated on the web, in particular through graphics.


examples of artistic and medical sites.

Alongside the musical activity, the creation of "essential" websites under the JOOMLA OR WIX platform is offered by Studio 55 . Creation tools are now democratized, the added value and relevance of a site is measured more in the development and architecture of its content.

I'm here to help you build scalable sites connected to your existing networks.

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