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Vincent Faucher

multi-media creative

Thanks to my experience as a composer, author, performer

member of the  SACEM , I help you in your realization

at Studio 55 .

Guitarist and backing vocalist for artists like:

Bernard Lavilliers, Marc Lavoine, Imany, William Baldé,

Alain Manaranche, Vallée... my sensitivity is combined with a very

strong building ability.

My background has allowed me during very varied projects to be in turn in the shoes of the creator, the interpreter or the technical performer in sessions or music mixes

. Play, write, edit, riff, mix or just create!


My musical adventure was completed by training on the realization of web-oriented projects.
I have a diploma
  CIFAP  of "Multi-media project manager".
This qualification makes me able to write specifications covering all the essential points of your project.


This allows us to better understand your productions with you in order to integrate them into a more general approach.

The artist must now rely as much on his talent as on his ability to use digital platforms for his communication or direct sales.


global project management (CIFAP diploma / multi-media project manager).
composition, arrangement and musical writing. ( author - composer SACEM ).
sound recording, editing and mixing. (Cubase, Logic, Wavelab, ...).
electric and acoustic guitar, bass, (pop / rock / varieties / world).
lead vocals and choir (song / pop / rock / classic).
filming and video editing (Adobe CS suite).
assistance in the design and creation of sites. (Joomla/Wix).

participation  scrapbook 

Parallel to the activities of Studio 55 , I work on the DeHail project, in which I am an author, composer, performer.

A second album is planned for 2021.

Keep in touch !!

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