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Arrangements - Mixes

Anything related to sound creation - production can be tackled at Studio 55 .

- Musical composition in the field of modern music.

- Work on the text (French with me, English with a bilingual songwriter).

- General arrangements or on particular sequences. Putting you in touch with specialists for the fields      special features such as strings and classical orchestration, for example.

- Recordings of imposed or proposed games. On site or remotely via the internet.

- Help with instrumental or vocal interpretation

- Mixing of sung titles or purely instrumental sequences.

Here are some examples of works and collaborations with artists:



French pop rock

Led by singer Vallée (2  major albums) and the  bassist Alain Verderosa (Cali, Raphaël..), the project

Vertue explores the sides of an elegant and modern pop.   


Work on general arrangements, co-composition.

Guitar and string recording sessions.

Pour passer l'hiverVERTUE
Capture d’écran 2020-11-05 à 08.11.27.



From her many travels, Sohella has brought back African sounds and a luminous and direct poetry. With the help of T. Fanfant (bass), she just released an EP in 2019.


Choir and electric guitar recordings.

Avec ce qu'il nous resteSOHELLA

Jean-Philippe Combe

French song

At the same time author, composer, interpreter and theater actor, Jean-philippe Combe, sails on seas where poetry emerges. He is working on the development of a new album after the production of a 2-title EP.

Work on the general arrangements.

Sessions recording guitars, strings - mix.

Un matin clairJean-philippe COMBE

Bruce Mississippi Johnson

blues rock

Originally from the USA and living in London, Bruce lives through the blues his commitment to music. Funk and rock lover, his powerful voice evokes Gil Scott Héron

Work on the general arrangements.

Voice recording sessions, guitars, bass - mix.

Death letter bluesBruce M. JOHNSON

Chloe Birds

French song

From her career as an actress (theater companies, films and TV movies), her passion for words and their musicality, her unbridled practice of writing and music, her songs were born one fine day...

Work on the general arrangements.

Guitar recording sessions, prog. - mix.

SorcièreChloé Birds

Stephy Haik

english jazz

Franco-American jazz singer, Stéphy is not only a delicate performer but also a talented composer. His album "The longest mile" is proof of that.

Arrangement proposal.

Miscellaneous recordings - prog. - mix.

Long way from homeStephy HAÏK
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Jan Sloane

english pop

With this so recognizable stamp and his touch of British songwriter, Jan humorously handles the codes of his music.

l multiplies winks and references to our world gone mad

Recordings of vocals and guitars by Jan.

Bass recording and mix.

Two wrongsJAN SLOANE


melting pot

Crucible to collect the various currents unusable otherwise. Good and bad ideas for the delight of young and old

Composition - arrangements

Miscellaneous recordings - prog. - mix.

Hold it backWOKNWOLL
Copy of cd-jagged.jpg

Jagged Edge

hard blues / rock

The meeting of B. Johnson and DeHail allowed this rock trio to revive a certain idea of songwriting. Doped with vitamins, this hard blues remains timeless.

Co-composition, co-arrangements.

Recording choirs and guitars

Incestuous fatherJAGGED EDGE
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Pierre Cucca

French song

A hoarse and suave voice and often committed texts.

Pierre has several strings to his bow and woodcarving is his passion just as much as music. An artist in search of simple and essential things.

Work on the general arrangements.

Voice recording sessions, guitars, prog. - mix.

La maréePierre CUCCA
cd-rai kum.png

Rai Kum


Under the impetus of singer-bassist Yahia Mokhedem, Raï Kum has long been part of the French raï scene.

music mixed with funk and rock influences, always dancing! Album at Sony music.

Work on general arrangements, co-composition.

Guitar, backing vocals.

ChouffiRAÏ KUM

Small Pests

electronic instrumental

When electro colors become hysterical and groovy.

When we use the slightest extraneous noise to dress Paul while undressing Jacques. Here is the work of G.Boennec and V.Faucher .... Compilation at Kmusic.

Co-composition, arrangements.

Recordings voice, bass, guitar.




Manuto uses the full extent of "Americana" influences to write a different French song. Cradled by soul, funk and blues, it charms hearts and minds.

Guest recording sessions and guitar track.

Time and AgainMANUTO
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