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You may want to improve in many areas related to music! 

Guitar, vocals, composition, writing, recording, mix .....

At Studio 55, all of this is possible!

My experience of the stage and the studio allows me to offer you occasional or more frequent sessions

in what interests or excites you.

Improve your skills as a composer, arranger, singer ......  why not ??

With very low prices, I accompany you in your desire to progress!

But I  I can also direct you to the right people in case your request is not in my skills;)


You are

rather guitar??

Singing lessons

My experience as a singer could be enriched  in many situations:

clubs, orchestras, commercials, recordings, coaching .....
This sum of ewperiences allowed me to be able to provide advice and courses

with those who are eager to make singing a positive and enriching experience.

Singing requires being able to control several factors as well as possible:

- respiratory and muscular balance (production, intensity)
- the balance of resonances (height, color)
- emotional balance (stress, interpretation)


The vocal gesture requires the mastery of these three points and is broken down into three main phases:

- supply of energy by the use of the pressure on the stored air
- production of sound by the use of the vocal cords located in the larynx
- sound modulation thanks to the use of different natural resonators

Some of these factors can be worked on through the regular practice of breath and posture exercises.
Others are more in the domain of the physical innate (size of the larynx largely determines the tessitura).

The voice is a mirror of the affective and emotional state.

Guitar lessons

Do you want to start the guitar? Improve yourself? Learn a specific piece?
Learn how to properly set up an amp or effects rack?

Through playful and precise lessons, I propose to accompany you in your progress

and your mastery of the instrument. I record you and offer you backing tracks.

My professional experience has allowed me to take a global look at the guitar and the way it fits into current music.
Work on sounds, modes, scales, acoustics, electrics but also postures or breathing: everything counts!

However, I always favor listening and the desires of the students to keep their attention intact.
Good motivation and a little work usually do the trick. .
Through various exercises and recordings, you will learn how to develop your own listening skills and therefore your critical sense. Hearing well what you are playing allows you to correct yourself better and therefore progress.

Ears are the key to everything!!


Classes are given at Studio 55 at the usual daytime hours.

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