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My interest in photography goes back to time or child,

I spent afternoons leafing through the "Photos-reporters" or "Monde de l'image" lying around on the living room table

of my father.

My eyes shone on nudes

(obviously), portraits, sublime landscapes or black and white war photos.

We take ourselves for a master of time: we stop it, we question it. Energy flows.
I like to be magnetized in this way, constantly returning to the details of the disorder...

This page is a jumble.

Colors, black and white, music, holidays, perfumes captured.

Photos, which whisper words in my ear,

  that go beyond the frame, 

which embellish, which hypnotize, which sting....

"  I  take pictures  to see what it looks like  the  things  Once  photographed" 

Garry Winogrand



Island of Oleron

Saint Malo



Father Lachaise