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Whether it is called "teaser" or "electronic-press-kit" ( EPK ), video support has become an essential part of communication via the internet and social networks. 
Small video sequence in short format (less than 3 minutes), it allows you to present your project in a concise and attractive way. Putting it online on the You Tube and/or Vimeo platform associated with the creation of a channel makes it possible to establish and affirm its image, its visibility and therefore its referencing via search engines.

The video shoot must be planned in advance in terms of form and substance so that it best meets the expectations and needs of its sponsor. I recommend doing this work upstream with our partner and communication expert ".tof" . He will know how to best guide you to clarify and structure your approach.

The Studio 55 allows you to do this HD video shooting and editing, simply and quickly.


Whether it is to carry out an interview or filming and video editing on a concert site, to make a mix of several sequences - atmospheres, a solution can be offered to you.

The video sequences can be shot directly in the studio in a neutral atmosphere or in the place of your choice: apartment, office, rehearsal studio...

The use of two HD SLRs plus a Go pro allows you to combine fixed and moving shots to give more "material" to your sequence.

Two or three "soft boxes" allow you to correct low light areas if necessary or to create a specific atmosphere adapted to your shoot.


According to your  needs, the Studio 55 offers you the sound capture of your video shoot from simple stereo to multi-track up to 10 separate inputs with the possibility of subsequent mixing. Wired or wireless lavalier microphone, ambient microphones, multi-points, recording of instruments ....

If you want more details, don't hesitate, it's here !

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