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Artistic or more "formal", your project can only be enriched by an outside perspective.

It also requires intelligent management of the technical chain

That's what I offer you!

The production, presentation and  setting  value of a project  require 

skills and materials.

That's why I created Studio 55 a few years ago.

Focusing more on my creative qualities  than on a "technological arms race",

my production structure is autonomous and affordable.

You can easily work there on the musical arrangement, help with interpretation, recording one or more musical parts simultaneously, do some mixing, sound research.

The studio offers a wide choice of digital or vintage material.

I'm always there to help you as an assistant and take care of the technical part

so that you are as free as possible in your creative process.

Accommodation can be offered over a few days for convenience.

Would you like an estimate ? It's over here .

List of equipment provided:

sound cards and recorders : Motu mk3 traveler, Focusrite Scarlett, Tascam DA-38, Otari MX 70.

preamp and modules : Summit 2BA-221, Presonus Blue Tube, BBE Sonic maximizer, Joe Meek 3Q, Aphex 109...

plays: Tannoy PB 6.5, ESS Amt-1

microphones : Rode NT2, Oktava mk 101, Akai C451, Shure SM 52, SM 58 and 57, Apex...

IT : Mac and Pc, Cubase - Logic, Kontakt, Waves plug-ins, Sonnox, Audio damage, AmpliTube, Api, Fab Filter ....

amps : Fender Hot rod Deville, Peavey classic 50, Marshall 9000, Roland Cube, Gallien-Krueger 250ml, Trace Elliot GP11

guitar / bass : Gibson Les Paul, Fender Telecaster, Takamine Ep50 nylon, Martin folk DX 1, Takamine 12 strings, Dan electro 12 strings, Epiphone Lucille, Yamaha silent and guitalele, Yukulele, Fender squier Pbass and Jazz bass.

effects : Strymon, various Electro-harmonix, Roland SE-70, various Boss, Adrenalinn, Nux cerberus, Jam-man, SansAmp, Zvex, Gt5, Wha Vox and Dunlop, Watkins Copycat ......

Capelle 24 drums, cymbals and various percussions.

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